5 Genius Tricks to Finding a Graphic Designer for Your Brand

Cutting corners with your branding and marketing materials may have made sense when you first started your business, but there comes a point where you should no longer skimp on your brand’s identity if you want to keep growing and be taken seriously as a professional.

Maybe you’re ready to update your website, or perhaps you need an entire new brand identity. Whatever the case, you’ll need the help of a graphic designer to achieve that level of quality you’re looking for.

Below, I’ve listed five genius tips to help you find a graphic designer for your brand:

1. Understand basic graphic design terms
Understanding the basics of graphic design terminology will help you understand exactly what your graphic designer’s role will be before you contact them. Knowing specific details and elements that you are in need of will also help you narrow down what type of graphic designer you will want to work with.

2. Know the scope of design work you need
This pretty much goes hand in hand with understanding basic graphic design terms from above. You have to know exactly what you are looking for to know what to ask your designer for. Knowing this also helps you find the correct type of designer — it doesn’t make much sense to reach out to someone who only creates logos to design and build your website.

Here are a few examples of different types of graphic designers you can hire:
- Brand/Visual Identity design
- Marketing / Advertising design
- Website design
- UX / UI design
- Packaging design
- Typeface design

3. Do you like the style of their brand/website/portfolio?
Sure, the designer you have in mind can do everything you’re looking for, but do you like their design aesthetic for your brand? Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to work with a graphic designer who encompasses your own unique style themselves, but finding a designer that already creates work that you love means they will be more likely to offer a better concept for you.

4. Use the power of social media
Google isn’t the only place to search for graphic designers. You can try searching hashtags on Instagram (#freelancegraphicdesigner #brandingagency #branddesigner etc.), for groups on Facebook (try searching something like “Graphic Design + your city”), or even on Linkedin. You can even put a call out on your social media channels letting your audience know that you’re looking for a designer, and to send recommendations.

5. Be clear and specific
Your designer is the one with the depth of knowledge in color, shape, space, etc., but you should still make sure you know the specifics of exactly what you want, and communicate it as clearly as possible. Most of the time when a client is unhappy with design work, it’s because they were not straightforward and concise about their needs.

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