The Science Behind “Fake It Until You Make It” ⁠— How Your Thoughts & Actions Affect Your Success

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Our brains have a funny little way of seeking out situations and experiences that prove itself to be right.

If your mind is telling you certain lies (you’re not qualified, you’re not experienced enough, no one likes your work, etc.) you will subconsciously seek out situations and respond in ways that will prove it to be true.

If unaware and unattended to, your emotions, feelings, and thoughts will be skewed towards this false belief, guiding us into behaviors and actions that hold us back in life and in our businesses.

So, what’s a gal to do?

There’s a theory known as the “as if principle” which states that our actions have the ability to guide our emotions.

By changing our behavior – whether it be by altering the stories we tell ourselves or our actual physical actions – we can lessen negative feelings and motivate ourselves to behave in more successful ways.

Instead of allowing our emotions to steer the wheel, we can demonstrate control over our actions in ways that will lead us towards our goals and dreams.

Here are 3 examples of how you can apply the as if principle to make small changes which will help you achieve your desired outcome:

1. Assume a power pose to feel more confident (I personally love doing the Wonder Woman stance.) 💫

2. Envision the business owner you dream of becoming, and start to act in ways that they would. 💯

2. When you’re feeling your nerves, instead of letting them overtake you, say something like “my nerves will ensure that I stay focused and on track with the task at hand.” 👏

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