*COVID 19 INFO: Due to the current ongoing pandemic, I will only be offering socially distanced photo shoots. This means the photo shoot location must be in an open environment, where we will stay 6 feet apart at all times. I will be wearing a mask at all times, but this in no way impedes my ability to direct you through the shoot.



What do you cover in the consultation?
I offer FREE consultations for all of my services. During the consultation I will go over all of the packages I offer, what is included, and which package would be best for you. I will also go over the entire photo shoot process, my availability, how to book, and answer any questions you may have.

How do I schedule a consultation?
Email me at hellodarlinmarketing@gmail.com to schedule a call.

How do I book a shoot date with you?
You can schedule a shoot date with me during your consultation session, or you can email me at hellodarlinmarketing@gmail.com to confirm my availability. 

What is included in the strategy session?
During the strategy session I will ask you a set of questions that will give me a better understanding of you, your brand, and the types of photos you would like. These include questions about your brand style, location, any props you would like included, etc.

Where will the photo shoot take place?
It is totally up to you where the location of the shoot will be. My favorite locations are at parks, small coffee shops, office spaces, and outdoor malls. Please note that you are responsible for securing all approvals for shooting in private spaces (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) If needed, I am able to provide you a list of locations.

Do you offer mini sessions?
Yes! I offer 15 minute mini sessions at a rate of $150. Mini sessions include 5 edited images. Contact me for more info. 



Do you edit all of your photos?
Yes! All of the photos you will receive will be fully edited. I will edit it in my preferred editing style, unless we have discusses a particular look or style you are going for.

Will my files be watermarked?
No. The final image files you receive will not be watermarked. 

Do we receive raw, unedited photos?
No. I do not share or give out my raw or unedited photo files. I'd like to hope that as your photographer you would appreciate my eye and aesthetic enough to leave the final touches to me. 

What if we want to order extra images? How does that work?
Each package includes a specific number of photos you will receive. Once I am finished editing, I will send you a large set of watermarked images for you to choose your favorites from. If you would like to purchase additional images, I offer them at $25 per photo. 

Do you offer physical prints?
No. I only offer digital .jpeg files.


Business + Details

What kind of equipment do you use?
My standard equipment includes:  Canon EOS Mark 5D DSLR camera,  Canon 50 mm 1:1.2 lens, Sigma 30 mm 1:1.4 lens

Can you hold a date for me?
I do not hold dates without a consultation and approved payment. 

What is your payment schedule?
I require a the full amount to be paid upon scheduling and confirming your shoot date with me.

I need to cancel, now what?
I do not offer any refunds. If you need to cancel because of an emergency or sickness, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule your shoot date.

When should we book with you?
- As soon as possible after your consultation. I usually book clients 2 weeks - 1 month in advance and spots are on a first come first serve basis.



What is creative marketing?
Creative marketing straddles the best of both the creative and marketing worlds. As a creative marketer I help you deliver the right message, in the right way, using the right visual materials. 

Why should I hire you as my creative marketer?
As an outsider to your company, I will be able to see your brand at face value, much like one of your customers would. This allows me to see your business from the outside and create visual content that responds to your customers needs, as well as attracts new customers.

Do you offer other services than what's listed on your website?
Yes! Some of the other services I offer include branding, custom graphic design, website design/maintenance, and more! Looking for something in particular? email me at hellodarlinmarketing@gmail.com to find out if it's something I can help you with. 

Do you offer consulting?
Absolutely! I have consulted many small businesses on their marketing strategies, product photography, web design, and more. 

How do I hire you to work on my brand or marketing project?
Email me at hellodarlinmarketing@gmail.com